We have 12 years experience in providing expert software development for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing applications. Australian Photogrammetry Services is particularly interested in automated algorithm design and custom hardware/software systems integration for specialized project requirements. The company is committed to providing flexible, robust and easy-to-use software for a wide range of technical applications.

    We typically write software with back-end in C/C++ and front-end in C#/.NET. We also have experience with Android development, networking & other web-based languages.


    We offer the fastest & most affordable camera calibration service within Australia.

    Most of our customers want to know their camera/lens combination's focal length (c), principal point offset (xp & yp), radial distortion parameters (K1, K2 & K3), and possibly decentring distortion parameters (P1 & P2) as well. This information can then be entered into Photogrammetric software for subsequent image processing.

    You can send your camera(s) & lens(es) to us via courier, we will calibrate the equipment & generate a thorough report detailing everything you could possibly want to know, and express courier the whole lot back to you. You can also visit our office in Melbourne and watch the calibration being done then collect the report on the same day.


    Recent projects include the co-development of the Australis software package, used globally for accurate and highly automated industrial and engineering metrology using semi-metric digital SLR cameras. APS was also involved in the development of the iWitness software package used for 3D measurement of traffic accident scenes using consumer grade digital cameras, with about 2000 licensed copies sold world-wide. Other recent projects involved the development of an aerial fire-mapping system for the Western Australian Government, and custom software for the Department of Defence. Some past collaborators include the University of Melbourne, Photometrix, Geodetic Systems Inc. (GSI), FLIR (world leader in Thermal Imaging ), Oxford Technical Solutions OxTS (GPS & Inertial Navigation equipment manufacturers), and Spatial Scientific.

    If you'd like to find out more about any of our services, please send us an email: